The name “Vivin Brownies” i had choosen because my name is Vivin and friend and families who had tried my brownies always called it “Vivin Brownies” and so on the image and the name has already known by some people so i stick using it. On the begining of my business i only made to order for customers. I also realised the brownies are much better when it fresh from the oven where it taste and smell much temting.

Vivin Brownies started to served public on 2014 starting giving samples to friends. schools, outdoor activities, yoga place and churches, once they tried and they keep ordering more. The begining of this year, it started on chinese new year festival, lot of customer was ordering Vivin Brownies for the festival. Very keen to see my products and also i gained more new customer a long the way.

Vivin Brownies also joined Denpasar City festival in the future to keep our existance and introducing Vivin Brownies products to public. All of our products such as muffin, macarony schotel, milky fruits pudding, banana cake, lemon cake, marble cake, cheese fruit cake, roti kukus, all has been inspected and fully licensed from department of health wich will be labeled on each pack of our product fo customer satisfaction.